My ENTIRE DASH is DMMD right now…. Its tempting me to watch/look it up…….

i dont think you want to trust me i looked it up you just dont want to my dear best friend i t is not your type of thing

I WILL TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT…. // meaning i will actually still look it up because you DO NOT know what is wrong with my brain at the moment…. But yea…. It may scare me… Or scar me… But hey, im gonna find out for myself…. But yes i trust your judgement, and you may laugh at my misery if that is what it leads to, i give you full permission so i will not bite you to death…. worldswithinthebook

KHR NormaliTYL AU drabbles


requested by invaderzim24sam;; drabbles of 10+YL Tsuna with his guardians in this sad fuck of an AU (which I named normalityl, i’m so good with names wth)

just the guardians tho because doing more people would be sad and a lot of things to write. somewhat in chronological order i guess idk

GOKUDERA and MUKURO meetings already written u.u

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now i’m thinking about amie’s stupid au and what would happen to all tsuna’s friends that were already deeply entrenched into the mafia life. or the kokuyo gang. or basically everyone who pretty much never had any chance at all for a normal life.

and maybe, they’re not happy,…